Real life hobby for someone who enjoys building structures in computer games?
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Real life hobby for someone who enjoys building structures in computer games?

Recently I enjoyed creating awesome defensive lines in Plants versus Zombies and playing the engineer class in Team Fortress 2. I loved Legos as a kid. Whenever I play a board game with friends, I'm always building little towers out of the pieces.

My question: What's a good non-software based hobby that would be good for someone who likes building structures? Bonus points for something that's not super nerdy. I don't really see myself painting Warhammer 40K miniatures or anything.

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Model trains? The new Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 kit that just came out?
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Ok, no Warhammer, but how about model building in general? I recently went to my local hobby shop and picked up a fighter plane for kicks. I've since moved on to the star ship Enterprise. It's fun and absolutely great for the detail oriented among us.
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If you want a big project, try the Polar Lights Enterprise refit (1:350 scale). Fifty bucks or so, and enough model to last months and months and months.
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Don't beat around the bush - get some real tools and spend some R&R time on learning to use them, so you can start making real things any things at a whim. Despite what tool-seller-sponsered DIY shows would have you believe, real tools are versatile, you don't need many to be able to do a whole lot of whatever you can dream up. But focus on what appeals and branch out from there. Electronics? Woodwork? Welding? Computer or case modding? Car mods? Home decor? Home automation? Kid's toys?

I want to build a playground rocket-ship with real chairs and controls in the cockpit :-)
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Habitat for humanity?
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RC aircraft. As complex or simple to build as you like, and then demanding even more meticulous attention to fly.

And who is gonna' call the guy piloting a 5 pound lawn-dart at 180MPH a "nerd"?
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One hobby that is right up your alley and is very cheap and easy to get into would be Papercraft. There are tons of free patterns online, and all you do is print them out (cardstock is great, but normal printer paper works fine), and then use some scissors/xacto blades and elmers glue and get building!

Also, if you want to branch out into more complex models, you can purchase pre-printed books of architectural models, like this one that I'm working on currently.

And if you get VERY ambitious you can even build Howl's Moving Castle!
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Architectural modeling! Also, if you get good at it then you've stumbled into a new career that pays decently and lets you play with lasers.
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Seconding papercraft. I have a little papercraft Prince of All Cosmos from Katamari Damacy that I made about five years ago. Took me hours to cut him out and glue him together, but he's lasted nicely, and I smile every time I look at him. It's very gratifying.
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I don't know what's wrong with an adult collecting Lego :)
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