Are Erector Set pieces magnetic?
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Are Erector Set pieces ferromagnetic? Paramagnetic? Neither?

I would assume they are made of aluminum, in which case the answer is neither. But I can not find any answers on the web.

What about the connecting pieces like bolts and screws?
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Based on the rust I've seen on old Erector Set parts, I'd say there's at least some iron in the parts. Cheap steel is my guess.
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Best answer: I just tested a few of my son's Erector set parts with a fridge magnet which stuck to the bolts/nuts, L-shaped connector thingies and the thin painted warpable sheets with the holes punched through them. These are from small vehicle kits, all were purchased new in the past year. [link goes to one of the sets I tested].
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Response by poster: Thank you very much for the empirical evidence jamaro. Much appreciated.
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I would guess the parts are made of mild steel, which is ferromagnetic.
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What rynars said. If they're not mild steel any more they're plastic.
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