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Could someone reccomend me a lightweight/easy to use web/email based support ticket management tool? Preferebly open source.
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Request Tracker
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RT is far from lightweight. Take a look at FogBugz, which isnt OpenSource or free -- but pretty awesome, and from a pretty awsome company before you commit to something.
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Don't know if this is what you are looking for, but my company uses this as a bug/issue tracking tool: http://lighthouseapp.com/
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When I was looking for a trouble ticket tracker, I needed a tracker that could easily manage multiple projects and had good access control to these different projects.
Even though it can do much more than just ticket management, I picked redmine.
There are tons of free and closed issue tracking systems out there. The Wikipedia list isn't even complete.

What I liked about redmine in addition to the multiple project capability was that it easily integrates with active directory (including passwords), looks pretty, is easy for the users (as an administrator I first had to get my head to bend around the concepts though) and is under quite active developement. Open source at its best.
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Seconding Request Tracker, if you're reasonably proficient in linux. Here's a link to a VMware image - the worst part about RT is the installation dependency hell, which should be taken care of on the VM.
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2nd FogBugz -- you can try their hosted version free for 2 people, look for the student and startup edition.
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We're currently investigating replacing our current helpdesk/ticket system based on trac with something a bit more user-friendly for not-very-IT literate network PC users. Trac is the predecessor to redmine, and both are more bugtrackers for software projects than support ticket systems, per se. RT is powerful, but a pain in the bum to setup and not particularly idiotuser friendly, last I used it.

My budget is also 0, which limits me quite a bit, and basically forces me to a locally hosted solution. Email support is a must, and LDAP/AD integration for users is nice.

Current front runners, in no particular order are:
web helpdesk
OSTicket or its fork,

If I had the money, either the commercial version of sysaid or h2desk would be top of my list.

If you're looking for project management as well for bigger projects (which can also do some form of bug tracking), I'm currently looking at
Project Tracker
Project Pier (activecollab fork)
and open atrium, when it hits open beta shortly.
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thank you all very much for your responses, we decided to use OSTicket rip it out and make it much simpler.
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I too had decided on OSTicket after playing with the options, but ran into a few bugs today when implementing with the email->ticket gateway; it just didn't seem to work very well with piping, though imap worked fine. We also had some issues with firefox 3.5 getting access denied errors when trying to read tickets (worked on XP, less so on windows vista). Worked fine in IE though.

I'm now trialing Trellis desk as an alternative, which is very pretty and AJAXy, and also allows guest ticket creation like OSTicket, I'll let you know if I encounter any showstopper bugs in the next couple of days.

I have one new backup option - simple ticket - if I can be be bothered to setup a rubyonrails server.
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