Ipod photo/video, with out the pesky photo and video capabilites
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120gb Ipod video. Despite having the proper cabling, I can not enable the photo viewer to show photos on a TV. I have googled, but to no avail

Ipod is set for NTSC (Im in the US). I have tried both "ask" and "on" TV output settings. I have a "made for ipod" cable that is the white-red-yellow on one end and 1/8" jack on the other. I can get beautiful stereo music to play on the TV's aux in, but no picture.

I even have a not-ipod cable of similar construction, which using the switch-the-red-and-yellow trick, I can replicate the same situation - music but no photo.

The thing that seems weird to me is that in "ask" mode, when it tells me to connect the ipod to a TV, the icon it shows looks like the synch cable (the usb on one end, ipod business on the other).

I'm sure i just have setting wrong.

I bought this thing specifically to show photos to my parents on their TV - HELP! :-)

Bonus question. Itunes only seems to allow me to put video on this that I "officially" buy from them. How can i put my own home-made video on it?
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Is it possible that the cable you have is only compatible with the ipod video and not the ipod classic?


as for putting your own video on the ipod, since we don't know what OS you are using, I'll recommend a cross-platform solution of Handbrake, which is free, has support for ipod video formats, and should accept most common video files as input.
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For converting to ipod video:

You need a good converter. Handbrake is good, but it only does one file at a time - which may cover most of what you want. If you're using windows, my converter of choice is MediaCoder.

Anyway, you need to either turn the video into a near-quicktime format, or a specific standard other format. This is option 2.

You need to convert your video to have the following:
Container: MP4. (iPods can't play AVI files, which is a travesty.)
Video codec: XviD. You can max out the quality.
Audio codec: MP3, at 192kbps quality. Don't go higher than 192, it flips out some ipods. (You can use AAC if you like, but it's given be problems in the past.)
Picture: 640x480. If this gives you problems, then use 320x240. Be warned, 320x240 will look either painfully small or blurry/pixelly if you play it on a TV.

Hope this helps!
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Have you tried changing the aspect ratio of the iPod's video out? We have a pair of iPod-based video players that are 16:9, and they will only display video when the aspect ratio for the iPod's video output is set for widescreen. So if your parents have a 4:3 TV, you might try changing the iPod's video out to that aspect ratio.
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