Please help me get rid of audio and add a time code in mpg files.
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I am looking for software that is able to take out the audio and add a time code to .mpg files I get from my camcorder. I know there are lots of programs that can add the time code, but I'm hoping someone knows a free/low cost program that can easily do both.
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You have not mentioned what type of camcorder you have. Your choice will vary depending on the video source.
If you use DV tape in your camcorder then give a try to DVdate, its a freeware and can add time-stamps on video.

You could also download trial version Premiere Pro or Premiere elements, if its just one time need. (There are tons of other programs, don't bother playing with them, these are the best.)
BTW, have you looked into the program you received with your camcorder?
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Response by poster: Just wanted to update this. It turns out there is no way to do what I need to do. I'm using a Sony Handycam DCR-SX40. The files are recorded as .mpg without any time or date information embedded. I talked to Sony and was told that none of their consumer camcorders support time and date stamp embedding directly into the digital file, which just seems dumb to me but that's another issue I guess. Edius 5 has the ability to burn the time and date stamp information onto the video output, but only if it is there to begin with.
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