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Why has iChat stopped setting my status as Away?

I'm not sure when this started happening but I just noticed it recently. When I set my status in iChat to any of my stored away messages, including the default "Away" one, iChat only changes my actual status message, and doesn't flag me as being Away. I have no way of telling what happens after I've been idle for 15 minutes, when I should be automatically set to Away, but I'm guessing nothing. Has anyone else had this problem? Google came up with a lot of irrelevant results, except for one person on some message board somewhere with the same problem, but even that wasn't any help since nobody there was able to help them.
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I can't reproduce this.. How do you know you're not flagged as away, does the icon show up as green instead of red?
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The icon on my buddy list turns red, so to me it looks like everything is working the way it should, but to everyone else I don't appear as having gone Away. So for example if someone else using iChat sees me on their buddy list, I'll just have the green circle next to my name and "Away" or whatever other message I choose underneath my screenname as my status message.
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Do you have multiple accounts (services) set up in ichat? Is it possible that some of them are being set to away and some not? I've never really experimented much with the ichat multiple-accounts stuff.

I think I had this problem at some point too, but it went away somehow.
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