20 In 1 - How Do I Send JPEG's In One Folder
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I have 30 jpeg photos that I would like to send as one file. I have Mac. How would I go about doing that?

I have 30-35 jpegs in one folder that I would like to send person building my website. I thought I could send the folder but it looks as if I have to send each jpeg individually. Is there an easier way to do this?
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Ctrl-click, Archive?
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zip them, but don't add any additional compression.
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Put them all in a folder on your Mac. Right click and choose "Compress (Folder Name)".

You'll get a single .zip file that your other person can open, no matter if they are a Mac/Windows/Unix user.
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The right/ctrl-click and archive will put them all into one zip, which will probably be smart enough not to apply any additional compression (which, given how heavily compressed jpegs are already, would actually expand the size.)
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Barring the .zip suggestion (which would make the most sense) you should be able to include multiple attachments in one e-mail, so there's that option, too.
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I will throw out another option.

Go to drop.io
Choose a name from your drop
Click add files, and just select all 35 jpegs

Then email your web designer the link. This will prevent a large attachment from slowing down his email. drop.io also provides previews which may help.
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Realize that you may not be able to send them as one file due to email attachment size limitations on either end.

If those 30 JPEGs are all 1MB each, you're going to end up with a 30MB archive that you may not be able to email to the recipient because their email system rejects attachments larger than [something less than 30] MB.

If they're all pretty small, you should be fine. Or not, it depends.

Emailing them individually [one per email] is really the safest and surest way of getting them to their destination.

Alternatively, you could upload the archive to a service like yousendit.com and send them the link. That way the email doesn't contain the gihugic attachment. [on preview, what special-k said]
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A similar service to what Special-K and Chazlarson mentioned that I use is Pando, which is for the Mac as well as PC. I can drag in a folder and send it, and they will get a tiny email asking them to download Pando, then download the files. It will put the whole folder structure onto their PC, without needing to unzip it. Good for up to 1 GB of files, 3 GB if you use the paid-for version.
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Just to clarify, .zip and all other archive formats perform lossless compression. They only delete redundant information, and will not affect the image quality of JPEGs in the slightest. They also will not reduce the file size, because JPEG files have already removed the redundant information.
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If you drag all 30 jpegs into Adobe Acrobat it will offer to merge them into a single PDF file. This technically addresses your request for a method of sending the images as one file. But you shouldn't use it in this case because you don't really want one file, you just want an easy way to send the 30 jpegs all at once. If you can't e-mail them using the zip method, due to filesize constraints, consider saving the images onto a disk or CD and sending them manually though USPS/FedEx/UPS or a local courier service.
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2nding what was said above.

Drag all of the files into one folder (make a new folder for this, if you like).
Then, right click (or control-click) on the folder and choose: Compress "folder_name"


You'll end up with a copy of the folder as a zip file.
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If you are sending this to someone on Windows and they claim to have issues opening it, download CleanArchiver and install it on your mac. Drag it onto the dock so you have an easy way to get to it. Then drag the folder containing all the JPGs onto the CleanArchiver dock icon, it'll ask what you want to exclude (it defaults to excluding all the hidden junk OSX has in each folder).
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% zip foo.zip bar/*.jpg

Will make a zip file called foo of all jpg files in folder bar.
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