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Who sells French Toast (or similar) school uniform shirts in the summer in New York City?

Looking for the perfect white school uniform long sleeve shirt to complete a costume. Something close to this. Girls wear boys' shirts in the movies, and I'm small, about a boy's size 14. It cannot have a button-down collar. Is there a children's clothing store or even a uniform store in New York City that sells such a shirt during the summer? French Toast makes a nice one, but three places on their store locator have been closed / not in stock. Would rather get it in person at this point, just so I can try it on before.

Thanks in advance.
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If it's for a costume, why not just get a plain button-down white shirt rather than specifically looking for a uniform-standard one? Stores ALWAYS sell plain button-down white shirts, for all genders and for all ages.
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Much as I hate to admit it, I found a perfect white, schoolboy-style shirt in the boys' section of Walmart -- I don't know if you'll have access to one of those in NYC. Maybe try J.C. Penney or Sears. I think many parents buy school clothes at these kinds of department stores.
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Yeah, just came in here to suggest Walmart.
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Seconding Sears, which is the perfect mix of cheap and totally not-cool.
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Best answer: Cookie's in Brooklyn is the official uniform headquarters, or so their ads keep telling me.
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There is no Wal-Mart in NYC
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There is no Wal-Mart in NYC

K-mart, then.
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My local Target seems to have just gotten in a giant shipment of school uniforms - IIRC you have one in NYC?
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When I had to wear short-sleeve Oxford shirts for work, I got French Toast-brand ones in JC Penney's kids dept. Funny enough, I wore it again for a costume as Hermione. I, however, wasn't as picky as you about the type of shirt!
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Response by poster: Checked the GAP and K-Mart, both didn't have what I was looking for (I think K-Mart just stocks uniform shirts seasonally, the Gap only had button-collars, which is the one deal breaker for me.

I'll check JC Penny's or Sears. Haven't seen any in NYC so I forgot about them. Cookies looks really promising too.
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Response by poster: Cookies had EVERYTHING, including the shirts I needed. I referred two friends to Cookies, and they were also able to get their uniforms together quickly.
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