ticket scalpers near staples center in LA?
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best intersection near staples center in los angeles to find potential ticket scalpers for michael jackson memorial?

ok, i know this is totally totally a loooong shot, BUT, i gotta try.

i *am* going up to LA tomorrow, from san diego. probably by car.

my question is pretty simple:

can any LA natives just throw out some ideas as to where ticket scalpers might be hanging out ready to scalp some tickets to the michael jackson memorial? i am looking for intersections, i guess.

THANKS! sorry this is so brief, but i am at work and gotta run.
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According to this story, scalpers are seeking $25,000 per ticket. I see some on eBay for $10,000, and they have bids.

So if you're really going to wait around on a corner with that much cash... maybe you don't want to advertise this.
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I don't know how scalpable they will be, or if, once bought, those scalped tickets will do you any good. From the LA Times:

This afternoon, several apparent ticket holders posted intentions to sell the tickets on EBay, but Roth warned that the security system in place will prevent anyone from doing so. In addition to the vouchers received via a special code, ticket holders will have to show a valid driver's license, and those whose IDs do not match the registration information will be eliminated as guests. (emphasis mine)
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Ohh... Oh no. Yeah, a street corner/intersection is never a reputable place of business.

Barring any restrictions as rtha mentioned...

First, this event is going to be absolutely ripe for scams because of the limited availability of the ticket and the hysteria over the even. The scammers will be out in full force and will have an ample audience. I've seen these people crying and yelling "This is the worst day of my life!!!" and I am pretty sure they'll be killing themselves for a ticket. And... Really? Michael Jackson dying is the worst day of your life? Really? Mazel tov for not knowing real strife, Hysterical Crying Lady on the News.

Second, you have to ask yourself whether being there is actually worth the potential of being fully and totally scammed out of a large amount of money where you'll have absolutely no recourse in this event.

Find a TV somewhere, grab a beer and hunker down with the other folks that are mourning a loss.
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Fake tickets will be all over the place and you won't get even close to the Staples Center. They have already erected a 9 block perimeter around the place.

The best place to view the memorial is from your home television.
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IIRC you'll need the ticket and a wrist band.YMMV
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IIRC you'll need the ticket and a wrist band. YMMV

'Tis true. They placed a wrist band on each person as they collected their tickets. That being said each person was given another ticket and bracelet for a companion. Nothing to stop the scalping of that ticket and bracelet.
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Los Angeles is going to be crawling with police tomorrow, since his family memorial will be congruent in the Hollywood Hills/Forest Lawn with the Staples Center event in a fairly compact area. I would say you couldn't even get close to the Staples Center tomorrow without valid ID. The local media have really been warning people. It's gonna be a really interesting day in LA tomorrow.
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is scalping not illegal in LA?
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thanks, everyone! i get it, i get it.

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(i was keepiing up with the news four or five days ago, but have been to busy to check it out lately!)
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i got in! my friend and i got in for $100 each. yay.....

and for future readers (not sure if this would ever apply again, but *just* in case) - we walked completely around staples center and the police perimeter, and by far, most people who couldnt get in were at the intersection of Olympic and Figueroa, and there was plenty of scalping going on, despite what seemed like (to me, at least) an unprecendented police presence.

and both my friend and i got in without any ID. just the ticket and writsband.
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