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SociologyFilter: "We are living in a society in which our perception is directed almost as often to representations as it is to ‘reality’" (Scott Lash). Any recommended writings on this notion, more recent than Baudrillard and Eco, and preferably with an emphasis on film, will be eagerly devoured.
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Starting somewhere near the beginning ...

The Society of the Spectacle

The Revolution of Everyday Life
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look at the films of Guy Madin in the spectrum of DeBord and Baudrillard. Correlary writings will undoubtedly pop up.
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He's not to everyone's tastes, but that's right down Žižek's alley.
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Not recent, and focused on TV, but excellent nonetheless: George W S Trow's Within the Context of No Context.
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Response by poster: Thanks to all. Totally unaware of George WS Trow.
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