Where to stand at Fenway?
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I have Standing-Room-Only tickets for the Red Sox at Fenway tonight - where should I stand?

My tickets say they are for Right-Field Standing Room, and I'm to enter at Gate B. I'm going solo, so I wo'nt be able to have anybody hold my spot for me to go get a beer or anything, so what's my best option? I'm going to get there when the gates open to watch batting practice, and I'm bringing my camera w/a 300mm lens to try to get some decent shots.

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Well, sadly, the right field section is the worst of the four standing-room sections (Pavillion is actually quite good, and the Monster SRO is of course very cool), so you're not going to have an ideal experience no matter what.

You can usually wander pretty freely before gametime, though, especially with a big-ass camera around your neck and a big smile.

Sometimes I get horrible walk-up seats when I have a layover in a strange city. When the seats are very bad, I usually just ignore them, and spend the whole game wandering around, stopping at a rail or in a tunnel to watch a play. Fenway's not that 'wander-friendly' (you can't walk all the way around, like in more expansive parks) but there's still a lot of interesting nooks and crannies that could make for some very interesting photos, especially if you don't mind missing some of the action.
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Find an empty seat. When somebody tells you to move, find another empty seat. You'll eventually get one that belongs to a no-show.
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There is limited standing room along the third base side, close to home plate. Be prepared to move, as they typically oversell the SRO. Even though there are SRO in the Monster seats you won't be able to get in there easily. Perhaps after a few innings.
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one_bean has it. It's a time-honored baseball tradition to keep someone else's seat warm while searching for no-show. As long as you vacate the seat you're squatting in promptly and with a smile when its legitimate owner shows up, you'll have no problems.

If you do end up in standing room (which, given the gorgeous weather today after a month of rain and Nomar's first return to Fenway since his trade in '04, is a real possibility--I don't expect there'll be a ton of no-shows tonight) you don't need to stay in the specific standing room section you've got a ticket for; you can walk freely from the third base grandstand standing room section all the way around to the first base side (where IMO you'll find the best of the grandstand standing room spots).
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