Looking for an iPhone GTD app, with a small twist
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Help me find a todo app (preferably a GTD one) for the iPhone that meets my very particular(?) needs.

First of all, maybe there are websites that already have this functionality but I don't have a data plan for the iPhone and I can't get one since they are too expensive in my country.

Now, I currently use the Things app for the iPhone, but it lacks the 3 things that I need the most:

* timestamps: I would like to know when I added a task
* completion notes: I would like to type a note when closing a task, so that I can tell what I did to accomplish it
* optionally, a better log: I would like to add events to the log, thus adding more context to the tasks i just finished.

See, sometimes I use Things to track stuff I lend or borrow. For example, if I add a task saying that I need to give Peter a book back. Things will only allow me to mark that task as done.

What I would like is for an App to be able to show me when I added a specific task. Also, when I finish a task I should be able to type "I gave Peter the book back when we met for coffee". Optionally, I should be able to add an entry to the task log saying "I spent 10 dollars in the coffee shop".

I have tried ToodleDo, Task Pro and Todo, and none of these apps, which are the most popular, seem to fit the bill.

Do you have any recommendations?
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Take a look at OmniFocus.
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Response by poster: BP,

I watched the demo, but I couldn't see if it is possible to specify a note when closing a task.

Also, I fail to see if it has a log of completed tasks. After reading the manual I see that it has a Library, which I guess is a log.
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* completion notes: I would like to type a note when closing a task, so that I can tell what I did to accomplish it

I'm not sure why you can't do this already. You can add a note to a task at any time. So before checking 'done' in Things you can easily add a note. The note stays with the task even in the log book. If you're wanting a more automated solution (a note pops up to add details when you click done) I don't know of any application that does this.

As far as date created, I wouldn't be surprised if Things adds this in the future.

I haven't used Omnifocus in a while, but you could try it. If you like Things Omnifocus is completely different (features galore if that's your thing). I much prefer Things.
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Check out ReQall at www.reqall.com/
Here is a good video that runs you through the features -
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