Creative temping in Denver
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Can anyone recommend a Denver temp agency for "creatives" or for "information professionals"?

I want desperately to move to Denver and have been told that no temp agency clients will consider me for long-term assignments unless I'm already there, even though I've told them I expect to pay my own relocation expenses. I'm a writer, editor, and librarian. Because I have these skills I'm not interested in super-low-level receptionist-type assignments. It's hard to Google because of all the junk listings. I guess I'm looking for personal experiences with firms to try or to avoid. (And yes, I'm aware that the economy is blotto, and that this is going to be an uphill battle.)
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I've had good experiences with The Creative Group in SF. They have a Denver office as well.
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Aquent has an office in Englewood, CO.

You might also want to look at Kelly Technical (looks like they have 2 offices in Denver) - they're often a step above regular admin type temp jobs.
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Best answer: I pinged a recruiter for you at SolutionsIQ, a firm I worked with when I was in Redmond, WA. They always sent us really top quality writers, editors, etc.. SolutionsIQ doesn't have an office in Denver, but they recommended Istonish.

Here's contact information for Istonish.

Their response (with some details stripped out, MeMail me for those):
[We] work with a firm in Denver, CO that is still there and does great work with IT and technology consultants. The company is Istonish and they may have some tips of where to start.
You're right, it's best to be local. If I'm not, I usually get a temp phone and mailbox with local info. (at least to get me in the door) and be ready to fly/drive in for an interview.
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