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Does anyone have any information about this adorable, satanic image?

I'm asking for my husband- he found it on the Live Journal feed and now he's obsessed with it. And who can blame him, it's the cutest Satanic ritual I've ever seen.
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It doesn't look particularly Satanic to me.

The glyph in the centre is a unicursal hexagram, which is most often associated with Thelema and Aleister Crowley.

Four of the animals are carrying cups, wands, swords, and pentacles -- the suits of the classic Tarot.

Just FYI.
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From the website it's hosted on. By Andrew Brandou.
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It also strikes me as possibly being inspired by an 8th season (2004) episode of South Park called "A Woodland Critter Christmas," which basically involves really cute woodland animals very similar to the ones in the drawing trying to bring forth the Antichrist in the woods on Christmas. If your husband is obsessed with adorable animals performing Satanic rituals and not easily offended, he might enjoy it.
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Definitely inspired by Richard Scarry.
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