Name this tune?
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What is this tune?

That's a friend of mine singing a bit from a tune that's stuck in her head driving her crazy. She said she thinks it might be from TV of the past, maybe the Ed Sullivan show or Ernie Kovacs.
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Is it maybe a part of Sabre Dance? (Hi Neander!)
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If you don't have any luck here, you can try humming it here.
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Best answer: Sounds like "El Cumbanchero" by (I think) Rafael Hernandez.

Lots of folks did it. Here's Desi Arnaz's pretty famous version.
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Absolutely "El Cumbanchero". I have a bitchin' version by Henry King & His Orchestra, circa the late 1930's. Later reinvented as the enduring reggae rhythm "Rockfort Rock".
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"El Cumbanchero". "Rockfort Rock".
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Response by poster: I sent these to my friend and her husband says, "They got it! Definitely El Cumbanchero! Thanks!"
So - thanks, y'all!
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