Solar power, the Bay Area, and me
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As we will probably end up buying a house in a sun-drenched corner of the San Francisco Bay Area, I'd like to learn more about solar panels.

I'm looking at a traditional photovoltaic, augment-the-grid setup, but feel free to be creative in your recommendations.

What are good solar panel brands? what are brands that I should avoid?

Any particularly good or bad experiences with installers?

Where are the sweet spots in the 3-D graph of wattage / area / cost?

Are there any developments that could change the market significantly in the next few years?

Where can I learn more?
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A friend of mine who is an SF resident blogged about this recently. Not a dead-on answer, but all I got.
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This is a good place to start. Also here.
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Is there any reason for you not to consider solar thermal panels? They tend to be more economic in a direct comparison, though the final analysis will depend on the relative subsidies available in your location, and on the demand you will have for hot water across the year.
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From Ms. Vegetable:

Check out the solar living institute:

They're located in Hopland, CA - not too too far from SF.
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