Where's my rebate, mon ami?
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Revenue Quebec Filter: I mailed my taxes to Revenue Quebec somewhere around the 3rd or 4th of May. That's slightly late, but it's OK because they owe me money. I even sent it express post so it wouldn't get lost. Two months later, I've received no cheque, no direct deposit, no notice of assessment--nothing.

Any theories on WTF is going? Revenue Canada sent me their notice 3 weeks ago. Am I missing something? (Does Quebec do things in installments, and if so am I invalid becaause I've moved from Quebec?) Or is RQ just that slow?

Should I refile?

Any experience welcome. I'm at a loss here.
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Best answer: Call them tomorrow, with all reference numbers on hand.
They may send you through 2 or 3 people before finding the right person, but I have always found people to talk to.
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Have you called them to ask about the status of your file?
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Response by poster: Re: Orange Swan - No, I've never had a problem with taxes, so I'm wasn't sure where to proceed.
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Best answer: It really is a lot like dealing with any other business service, Decimask. Call Quebec Revenue and. as bru says, have all your information on hand. They'll tell you if it's in the mail, whether they're backed up and if so, when you can hope to get your return, or if they never got the return in the first place, and how to proceed from there.
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Best answer: That's totally normal for revenue Quebec, I've had it take over three months for them to process my taxes, with them sending me a statement telling me they hadn't received them a week before I got my refund. Crazy.
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Best answer: I sent mine in a few days before the deadline (refund too), got my federal cheque promptly, and RQ just got back to me a couple of weeks ago asking for a copy of a T4, so it sounds like this is nothing out of the ordinary.
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Response by poster: Excellent. So follow up, but this isn't abnormal for RQ. Murky buckets, all.
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Anything they receive after the end-of-April deadline will take a looong time to get processed as they're wading through the huge mound of forms dropped in at the last minute on April 30th. You're at the bottom of a very big pile of paper. But yes, can't hurt to check in.
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N-thing that RQ often takes their time and often messes things up..(this year they sent my tax return without a civic number, just to the street I live on. I assume that this must be an automated mistake, but still!). You can actually view your file online at Clic Revenu

just click on the situation that applies to you, (individual or business) and the site will guide you through setting up an account. That's what I did when I didn't get my return after a month. You'll have to provide some information but you'll be able to see your assessment if one has been completed. Since they mess up so often, it's nice to be able access to this kind of info. Good luck!
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Response by poster: Hector: I'd love to use clicsequr to deal with this, but to get an account you need to identify yourself using line 199 of your most recent RQ tax form. Seeing as this was my first filing with them, and they haven't processed my return yet, I can't. Ah, bureaucracy.

I've also been waiting on this so I can inform via that system them I've moved out of the province. Quicktax wouldn't let me deselect my application for a QST rebate, which I'm not elligible for if I'm living outside the province. That was the reason I filed late in the first place--I had everything done, then spent days f***ing with quicktax to fix that.
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Ah, that's right! Sorry about that! I love it when measures that are designed to keep you protected end up messing you around! Anyways, the people who work the help tax line are surprisingly nice and helpful. I found that calling first thing in the morning got me right through to someone with very little waiting on hold.
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Response by poster: No worries. I never specified that this was my first (and probably last) filing with them.
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