Please to be buying my contract thanks.
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What's the best way to transfer my Vodafone contract so I can go get me a nice shiney iPhone 3GS?

So I have been bit by OO SHINEY and I want to get out of my Vodafone contract. I have a Blackberry Curve (not the wireless sort, the grey no-wifi sort) and 9 months remaining on my contract. I pay 40 quid a month all inclusive and that includes my phone, text, 500MB of internets and free email/facebook from Blackberry. I also have a Vodafone Satnav free subscrip that expires in September this year.

I would like to transfer this to someone else. Is there a depot or clearinghouse for this? I've posted to my facebook advertising the contract (and offering 50 quid thanks for taking it) but maybe there is somewhere good online to do this with a low possibility of being cheated? Voda credit checks the new recipient so identity fraud would be the only risk, yes?

I am aware that lots of folk get MUCH shinier Blackberries for about ten quid cheaper per month than I do now but maybe someone wants a 9 month contract? I could offer up to 100 quid thanks-money I suppose..

Vodafone cancellation crew said they would be able to take 5 quid a month off my tariff, plus the bolt-ons (500MB internet and the RIM subscription) can be cancelled at any time, although one would need to keep the RIM I think.

Any other suggestions on getting out would be great - I am told they charge £230 cancellation fee on top of the 9 months' charges to get out at Voda, so transfer far superior to cancel..
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Response by poster: this is in the UK by the way..
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Is Vodaphone offering the iPhone 3GS at all? If not, are they associated with any other phone companies in the UK (they actually have three of them here, even though they keep the branding separate)?

Look for a deal where the phone is free, not one where you're paying off the phone as part of your contract. These are usually offered online by the service provider rather than through their agents.

The information you have about cancellation charges may be incorrect. Check it with Vodaphone several times as you may well get different answers from different customer service reps. In my experience, a company will often waive cancellation fees if you are still maintaining a service of any kind with them - ask them about reducing your contract rather than cancelling it, they'll often go with this. You'd still be paying for something you're not using, but it would probably be a whole lot cheaper than cancelling the contract.

Also, if you have a new provider in mind, put the problem to them on a "gee I'd really like to sign with you guys, but..." - they may be able to suggest options you'd never think of.
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