Shrinkage as a Positive
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After three washes-and-dryings I want some new 100% cotton t-shirts and boxer shorts to keep shrinking but I get the feeling they're not gonna. Am I right?

I'm between an XL and XXL when it comes to t-shirts and boxer shorts -- XL is a little too snug and XXL is a little too roomy. I buy XXL in both in the hopes of shrinking them. I wash in hot and blast 'em in the dryer and, yes, there's been shrinkage, but not enough for my liking. After doing laundry last night I tried on one of the t-shirts and pairs of boxers and didn't see/feel a difference. Clothes get to a point where they'll stop shrinking no matter what you do, right? Any suggestions?
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You're right, they probably won't shrink anymore. My only suggestion is tailoring but that seems a bit much for underwear. Maybe look for another brand that fits differently.
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A suggestion for the smaller shirts: lightly and evenly stretch only the back of the shirt by reaching around behind you and gently tugging with both hands - this should reduce the snugness without distorting the front of the shirt (I did it enough to swear by it when I couldn't quite get into XLs).
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The best solution is probably to modify your weight by +/- 10 pounds so you fit into the next size up or down. Move the mountain to Mohammed. Or switch brands- the cut and size does vary between brands.
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You are right - because the body material and stitching shrink at different rates. It's not like in the cartoons, where things that used to fit Tom can end up fitting Jerry. So, though you'll see some shrinkage, the seams will keep them a certain size. Yes, switch brands maybe or, since boxers aren't that complicated to sew and your cost-per-use might work out, think about having them made to your size. T-shirts are harder, but switching brands might help.
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