Looking for a simple rating/ranking web app
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Help me find a simple web app: Users are able to enter items, other users are able to rate those items, and the aggregated rating score is used to display the items as a ranked list. Like digg/pligg, but without the bells and whistles. The app should be open source and installable on any major server.
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You could use Drupal with the FiveStar, VotingAPI, and Views modules.
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Not open source, but Slinkset works well for this purpose. Or, for certain kinds of "items", use Google Moderator.

If you really don't want to outsource the boring parts, you can build something on top of most about any modern CMS-style platform (e.g. Drupal as above, Django with the django-voting extension, etc). And if you want to get really fancy, you can grab the reddit engine.
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