Help me find a recording of "Half Moon" by Ali Rahbari
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My dad heard a classical piece on live South African radio in 1984 and wants to enjoy it again. It's called "Half Moon," composed by Ali Rahbari. How can I find a recording of it?

Over the years my father has occasionally asked me to locate a piece of music he heard once and really enjoyed. He figured that I could find anything he requested, but he'd sadly overestimated my googling-skills.

Composer: Ali (Alexander) Rahbari
Title: Half Moon
For african choir and symphonic orchestra

He thinks the performance he heard was performed live by South Africa's National Symphony Orchestra, possibly with a Soweto choir and broadcast live on SABC (radio).

I can't easily find any recordings of the work and I wonder if any music, internet, shopping, or radio archive experts have any ideas on how I can finally satisfy my father's desire to hear this again.
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You could perhaps contact his (Stockholm based) management here and ask them.
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...and this page lists the composition you are talking about - dating it to 1984
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