Water Aerobics Instructional Videos?
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I recently moved to Phoenix and am lucky enough to have a swimming pool in my backyard. It's perfect for water aerobics but not so much for swimming, as one end of the pool is much shallower than the other. I'm looking for good instructional water aerobics videos. Any suggestions? I haven't found much on the web so I'm ok with buying something if it's highly recommended.
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I don't know about water aerobics, but if you would like to be able to swim, you could look into this. I've never tried it myself, but I imagine you could find a local dealer where you could try it out.
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I don't know about general water aerobics videos, but you might be interested in AquaJogger accessories and videos. There might be other brands/videos. I know someone who swears by it for fitness!
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I've seen videos of people swimming on a springy tether tied around one of their ankles. Never tried it, but it's another possibility.
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Another possibility is that when you are swimming you are letting your lower end sink down to far, essentially dragging yourself through the water as opposed to having your whole body flat and close to the surface. At the pool I've been swimming at the shallow end is very shallow and I only graze it if I start getting lazy and let my legs start to sink as I swim.
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Give a call to the folks at Collage Video. They really know the home workout video market. Their sales reps actually do lots of the videos so they are able to give you good advice. They also have clips available online. I've ordered from Collage for years and I have nothing but good to say about them.

Here are the pool videos at Collage.

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I bought some water aerobics shoes and gloves from waterworkout.com - shipping was fast, and they have both DVDs and CDs with audio cueing that you can put in an ordinary boombox type of thing.
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Response by poster: All great advice, everyone! Thanks for being so helpful. :)
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