Where to find fast multiplayer office games?
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Where can I find good mulitplayer games to play in the office against co-workers?

I have looked around the web and even searched here but haven't found exactly what I want. There is another post that resembles this one but it features mainly games you have to go physically buy (Tribes, GTA, Quake III).

I am thinking more along the lines of quick-hitters like Scrabble, Connect 4, and games of that nature. I'd even be up for a game that I can pause (think about having an all-day Monopoly session!). Just something fun to do during lunch or a five-minute break maybe. The two I just mentioned do seem to have online components but the pairing is random. I was looking for something that you can connect to certain users with or even download and insert an IP address.

I got the idea for something like this from the show Parks and Recreation on NBC where they play Scrabble in the office.
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Yahoo Games let's you have private games so you can kick people out or make it so they have to be invited IIRC (haven't played in years).

Also, certain emulators allow for netplay. There's always the ethical/moral questions with that one though.
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You could try Quake Live. I haven't played it, but it's free.
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new player's guide

There's a (limited) free version or you can buy a pro account to access more maps and units. You can play as solo players or form teams in game. Each player can make their move whenever they have 5 minutes to sit down and do so. It's all kinds of addictive.
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The game you are looking for is Diplomacy. Great for team morale!
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Conquer Club is an online implementation of Risk (with a ton of variants) that lets you have private games.
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Lexulous is a scrabble clone and can be played in real-time or you can play a turn-based game. For either style, you can select players of your choice, you don't have to play with random people.

You can set up games on the site, or use the facebook application. Facebook has many game applications that can be played in the style you're looking for. Like lexulous, the developers might host off-facebook versions as well.
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Soldat is a lot of fun, it's basically a 2D platformer version of Counter-Strike.
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I think that BrettspeilWelt does most of what you want to do. Plus the available games are way more fun than Scrabble or Connect 4. The only potential problem is that the interface is partially in German.
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Balna Watya's suggestion of Diplomacy seconded, sarcasm and all.

But it would be a ton of fun (and not hard to manage using jDip) if your coworkers have the stomach for that sort of thing.
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Seconding BrettspeilWelt . Also iSketch, I think you can create private rooms there so you can play to yourselves.

Diplomacy would be fun, but would require you to have seven players (or seven teams), or to play some variant of the standard game, and would require some dedication on the part of the players. But if you've got that, it's a brilliant game.
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Hedgewars! Its like worms!! But with hedgehogs!!! Over the LAN!!!!
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My office lost tangible productivity thanks to Age of Empires/Age of Kings. There might be more up to date selections, but I do recommend RTS games for an office environment.
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Seconding Freeciv. Also try Risk and Settlers of Catan.
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Movicont has it right. And you don't even need computers to play settlers at work!
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