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I am currently running Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit on my laptop and am looking forward to stepping up to Windows 7. This is a great deal that would allow me to upgrade from Home Premium to Vista Ultimate which would then qualify me for Windows 7 Ultimate, right?

Is this going to be the cheapest path to Widows 7 Ultimate?
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The thing you linked to is for OFFICE Ultimate, not for VISTA Ultimate. There is a smaller link below it talking about a Vista Ultimate upgrade. I don't know if this is the cheapest way to go about it I just want to make sure you are buying the correct product.
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Currently, there's no deal for the Vista Ultimate->Windows 7 Ultimate upgrade. You're paying the full $219 cost. Microsoft has said they'll announce something, but the Home Premium / Pro offer expires on 7/11. To further complicate things, to upgrade from Vista Ultimate to W7HP/Pro would require a complete reinstall.
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I'm not sure how that would work, since the license on theultimatesteal is for an upgrade. I don't think Microsoft would allow you to upgrade from an upgrade and not a full version.

As an aside, I got my copy of Vista through theultimatesteal and did the full install with upgrade disc procedure. However, in MS's view, it's still an upgrade version.
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Or, what Oktober said, which makes the issue moot.
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I presume you're referring to the windows vista ultimate red upgrade on that site, and if you'll then be eligable for the
Microsoft Windows 7 Upgrade Option Program for Retail Packaged Product, i.e. buy vista now, get the same version of windows 7 for the cost of shipping after it launches.

Unfortunately, according to the terms and conditions of the latter offer, academic versions don't qualify for this offer; only boxed retail copies of home premium, business, or ultimate (i.e. not OEM either)

Given there is no discount on pre-ordering windows 7 ultimate upgrade, your best bet is likely going to be getting retail vista ultimate upgrade (at $179 on amazon) to take advantage of that program for retail packaged product - although it's not stated that retail upgrades count specifically, they are counted as full retail product, and they do talk about upgrading from an older OS to qualify for the free upgrade before 7 ships. (I'd still check with microsoft first, though). The other possibility is waiting for the OEM version which will be cheaper than full retail windows 7 ultimate upgrade.

Option B - is there a specific reason you want windows 7 ultimate? Unlike vista, where you had to choose between home features such as media centre and business features such as rdp hosting and joining a domain (with only ultimate having both), windows 7 versions each have a superset of the cheaper version features. I.e. pro has everything home premium has, plus the business features.

The main features 7 ultimate has over professional are bitlocker, MUI (i.e. interface language packs) and booting from VHD. So you may be able to go to 7 professional, taking advantage of the steep discounts for pre-ordering at the moment if you don't need those features.
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Oops, meant to link here as well, which is the main page for how the windows 7 retail upgrade offer works.
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Best answer: ArkhanJG is right. home premium has what 00% of people need and want. also are you aware of the pre order offer on right now? from best buy, frys, etc etc or MS direct? $49 for home prem and $99 for ultimate. buy now receive later. there is even a download + disc ship option....

also for the ulitmate in cheap super OS you can simply use the RC from now until march for free.

windows 7 pre order offer
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Go to www.newegg.com click on the Windows®7 Free Upgrade link. You would buy windows vista ulltimate for $189 and they would give you the windows 7 ultimate copy for free in october.
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Ah interesting - I didn't see the link on the front page, but it looks like they're offering upgrade coupons specifically as part of vista OEM versions now, including ultimate. Though of course you only get x86 or x64 with the OEM version, as opposed to the boxed retail ultimate upgrade for $179.99 where you get both, and should be eligable for the upgrade option program for retail packaged product.
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