Celebrating the Red, White, and... grey in New England
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Looking for alternative Independence Day activities in New England...

So, it's a bit soggy for our original aspirations to go camping this weekend, and we're a bit wary of the crowds and congestion that accompany the large Fourth-of-July celebrations in Boston, Providence, etc. Where might one find small-ish community-oriented festivities within a couple hours' drive of Central Massachusetts?
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Have you considered visiting Minute Man National Historical Park?
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I recommend the 4th of July parade in Warren, VT on Saturday. It is a different take than you'll usually see. Get there early (by 9:00). Here are some pictures I took there a few years ago.
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My husband is always telling me how awesome the Pittsfield Independence Day Parade is. Pittsfield's in the Berkshires so it's relatively close to you. USA Today has this to say about it:

Pittsfield 4th of July Parade
Pittsfield, Mass.

"Once billed as 'Your Hometown America Parade,' the Pittsfield Fourth of July Parade dates back to 1824, when the procession consisted of Revolutionary War veterans and politicians riding in horse-drawn carriages," Schmader says. "Today's modern parade has floats, balloons and marching bands, but still retains the small-town, patriotic flavor of its roots." 413-447-7763; pittsfieldparade.com

And while you're there, hit up Teo's, if it's open. Awesome hot dogs.
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A bit far afield -- 2-1/2 hours -- is Bath, Maine, which has 'Heritage Days,' starting tomorrow. Sales, carnival, musical acts, parade, boat parade, triathalon, chili-chowder contest, BBQ, antique car show, fireworks, etc. Small-town, riverside fun for all!

Details here: http://bathheritagedays.com/
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btw, That 2-1/2 hours I cited is from Boston.
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Head down to Bristol, RI for the nation's oldest Fourth of July celebration.
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Glocester, Rhode Island has the Ancients and Horribles Parade.
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I harp on this a bit, because it's my home town and boy HOWDY is this quirky --

The Boom Box Parade in Willimantic, CT. Just like it sounds like -- there are no bands; instead, everyone in the parade carries portable radios, which are all tuned into the local radio station which is broadcasting a four-hour marching music playlist. Anyone can even take part, so long as you all meet in the park by the movie theater in time. Quirky costumes or homemade "floats" are encouraged, but you would be just as welcome if you wore a red t-shirt and some face paint.

And yes, it is every bit as endearingly dorky as you can imagine.
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Oh -- Willimantic is in the northeast corner of Connecticut, so you're pretty close (I'd say just a couple hours tops; I grew up there, and my grandparents lived just by the Cape and that was just under two hours' drive, if that gives you any sense of scale). If you're willing to venture a little further south, there is a fantastic diner near Hartford that makes one of the most amazing cheeseburgers you will ever see or taste.
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Thanks guys--great ideas... We're still contemplating our final plans (especially with the sun shining at the moment) but appreciate all the suggestions.
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