Things to do in Tulsa?
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I am ready to go. I have been waiting for the fiscal year (Happy New Year!) to declare action on several large ambitions. There is only one question that remains to be asked here: What are some fun things to do in Tulsa, Oklahoma for Labor Day Weekend? (I will have a rental car).
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Hmm. I just moved back to Tulsa earlier this year after a decade+ away, so I'm probably not the best at suggesting new, fabulous things to do. That said, what kinds of things are you looking for?

There are a couple of museums worth visiting (the Gilcrease and Philbrook) that have wonderful Western art. The park system here is fantastic if you like walking/jogging/biking or disc golf. The rest of the stuff tends to be pretty scene specific. There's not a huge specific scene, but there is a bit of everything. The local alt-weekly is the Urban Tulsa, which may give you some ideas.

Many of the locals tend to leave town on the warmer holiday weekends to go to a nearby lake or go camping.

If you want to have a meetup, I will likely be in town that weekend. I can't say if anyone else would show up, though.
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There's a Blue Bell ice cream factory in the outskirts with tours for only a few bucks + free (good) ice cream at the end. Worth your time.

Riverside is nice for jogging/walking/cycling. Tulsa's one of those cities with no real reason for existing. It's just there, so you have all the components of a standard American city, but nothing really special (though the aforementioned museums are not bad.) It's generally a pleasant place, but not all that great as a touristy destination.
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I forgot to add, the factory is in Broken Arrow (southeast of Tulsa). A quick google search will give you all the info you need to find it.
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Visit The Center of the Universe and then hit up Cherry street for a good downtown feel.
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