What's the best replacement insole for my Converse?
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Converse with removable insoles: What's the best replacement insert/insole/thingamabob for someone who uses the sneakers for walking rather than sports?

I picked up what seems to be a specialty pair of these at Nordstrom Rack on the cheap (sweet!). Even better than the ones I linked to, mine have a removable insole. The insole is identical to the insole in Jack Purcells; it's squishy and leaves my feet tired after walking.

I'm looking for a better replacement... but most inserts seem to be meant to place on top of your insole rather than to replace it.

Any Jack Purcell wearers out there? What do you use?
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I use SuperFeet in mine and they work pretty well, though I had to get them a half size larger than normal to make it comfortable.

They wear out after about 6 months.
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Look for something with a rounded heel cup, arch reinforcement (nothing that says "corrective" or "severe" unless you know what you're doing), and a thin forefoot. Make sure that no part of the replacement insole is much thicker than the original; it will make the shoes fit smaller.

And while a new insole may help, those shoes were not made for walking.
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I use nothing but Superfeet (green), and have for about ten years. Not cheap, but they do last a while and truly are an improvement over pretty much any stock insole.
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Superfeet nthed.
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