Recommend free website poll scripts.
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I'd like to set up a simple poll (3 choices + show results) on a web site I maintain. I would like to host it on our server and pleasantly integrate it into the site (i.e. customisable css would be good). I've looked into some free poll scripts and reviewed the read me files but am dealing with things I know nothing about. Thoughts? Assistance [+]?

I don't know if this is appropriate to mention on AskMe, but if someone can offer detailed, in-depth assistance and wants to work out a wish-list-purchase-barter-type-deal I am open to the possibility. The organization is non-profit and I am the volunteer web master but am willing to kick-in something for the hour or so of work I imagine assistance might take. I'm do not fear the scripts, I just have no idea where to start and am willing to learn.
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what's available on the server (php, asp, a database, etc)? which scripts are you looking at?
posted by danOstuporStar at 11:51 AM on December 7, 2004

In addition: Would it be only one poll or are you planning to run many? Also how strict are you going to want to be on stopping people vote more than once?
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Response by poster: php and mySQL, among other bits.

I would run only one poll at a time and would like to learn how to modify the polls as needed. From what I've seen, that part I can handle. Just can't do the get-go.

I've looked so far at SimplePoll and Poll_It. (Am willing to use shareware/donationware as well.)

Limiting voting to once? It would be a nice feature but it is not absolutely essential.
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well considering the first google hit for Poll_It is a security bug, it looks like SimplePoll is better choice of the two.

it looks like the main install procedures are 1) creating the database tables and 2) modifying some variables in the config file. is one of these steps in particular where you're having problems, or do you not know where to start?

the simplePoll zip file is here if anybody is looking for it.
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Response by poster: danO, I must admit that I can not even pass the first step. (Except opening the file, of course!) Is executing the SQL commands something I do on the server to establish the database? Should I have the web host do this or do I do it as the admin? I see in my webmin panel that I can "schedule commands" and I see where, in the mySQL module, I can create new tables and execute SQL. What to do with these things before my eyes though?
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you should be able to use the "execute SQL" tool to create the tables. just paste the contents of the sql.txt file into the text area of the tool. (this is assuming your host has already created a database for you.)

i sent you an email with IM info if that would help.
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Response by poster: Thanks go to danO for the IM help!
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