Trying to find a copy of the Wine Handbook 2004.
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I am trying to track down a used copy of the Wine Handbook 2004. It is distributed by the Adams Beverage Group, and I cannot find a copy on Ebay, in my local library or even the Library of Congress. Can anyone help me?
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To recap:

* You're looking for a used copy of a recently published industry analysis that sells for $595.

* Because this is year-specific, the 2003 edition is still on sale by the publisher, for $545, and the 2002 edition for $495. [price list]. eBay doesn't list either (and a Google search shows nothing resembling one for sale).

* This type of publication is one that no public library is likely to have (perhaps excepting one in California), and, if they did, they would have it as a reference (non-circulating) item.

* This type of publication would be purchased almost exclusively by companies, not individuals, and therefore is likely to be retained for at least several years by virtually anyone who spent that kind of money.

Good luck.
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Does this book have an ISBN ? I didn't see one listed. If you could find that out, you may have an easier time searching for it.
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OCLC's WorldCat doesn't list it either, but it does list what appears to be a similar title by Adams Beverage Group, their yearly Wine and Spirits Industry Marketing. Only available at 4 library locations: University of San Francisco, Harvard, James J Hill Reference (MN), and the New York Public Library (and judging by the price, I don't think they'll send it out via interlibrary loan either.)
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Best answer: Irontom, if you're looking for specific entries from the Wine Handbook, drop me a line. My library has up to 2003.
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