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Need help finding blue suede Manolo Blahnik wedding shoes or something similar.

My friend is getting married soon. She saw a picture of a blue wedding shoe online and wants to know where she can buy it.

The source of the photo:

I emailed the photographer and he said, "I know the bride is from NYC. She probably got them at Barney's or NM 12-24 months ago. (Wedding was August 2008.)"

If anyone knows of a shoe with a similar design that could be dyed to that color let me know as well.

These are two that I have found so far.

Any help would be appreciated.
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I think if you get these in satin you might be able to dye them? Actually check out this search result for Zappo's, lots of possibilities.

Does your friend really want Manolos? And do they have to be blue
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Response by poster: She wants the shoes like those in the picture. I think she would be fine with the one you showed me. She does want them to be blue so she can use them as her something blue. She can dye the shoes to make them blue though.
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She should call one of the stores (the boutique in NY is (212) 582-3007) and have her ask about a Jeweled Suede d'Orsay pump in robin's egg blue.

And please advise her not to dye a Manolo Blahnik.
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For my own wedding search one of my bridesmaid's suggested this one because it looks like we could somehow craft my own brooches on them on the toe part.
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Response by poster: For my friend:
Here are two more white Manolo Blahnik shoes
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Response by poster: Another site showed a bride who added her own brooches to RSVP shoes she bought. She got the brooches off ebay.
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These are very similar to what you're looking for, though they are white satin. They are also available in silver, gold, black and bronze colors. These are also somewhat similar, again in white satin.

I would also be very careful about using dye on a pair of $700 shoes.
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Here are some turquoise leather Manolos minus the jewelry. Not nearly as nice as the suede ones, either.
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Dyeable shoes are made of different fabric than regular fabric shoes. Satin shoes aren't likely to dye well or evenly unless they're made of dyeable satin--white satin shoes are generally made of stain-resistant fabric, for obvious reasons, and that fabric resists dye as well as dirt.

I think that if you try to dye white satin Blahniks all you'll end up with are crappy-looking, unevenly-dyed shoes that cost you hundreds of dollars.
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As far as searching for the original shoes goes, the style name for the Blahniks you're looking at is Sedaraby (there have been/are many variations of this style). I googled a bit and I think that the bride may have added the brooch herself as I'm able to find where people have posted about the unembellished heels but can't find anything showing them with the embellishment. They're definitely a couple of years old and, given that they're light-colored suede and thus likely to be damaged when worn, I think it would be very difficult to find a pair.

The Something Blue pump is cute if you don't mind the SATC reference. Otherwise, I think the posters above may have the right idea regarding finding something similar (seems to be a pretty popular style in general) and DIYing it a little.
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