Too many beeps
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How might I disable or muffle the beeps that my appliances make (when buttons are pressed, when cooking cycle is finished) without risking my life or that of the unit? The toaster-oven is the most egregious offender, but the microwave is problematic too.
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My microwave allows the beeping to be disabled. Check your manual (or if you don't have it, check online for one.)

You can muffle the beeps by finding the little speaker and putting a layer or two of tape over it. I've never had anything go wrong with an appliance after doing so.
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Does the microwave make a mechanical (ding!, usually on microwaves with mechanical dials) or an electronic sound (beep beep, on digital button microwaves). If it is electronic, some microwaves have a volume setting. Look for your instructional manual online for info.
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Migraines? I actually tested out a bunch of microwaves in the store to find one that didn't drive me insane. I'd imagine the same approach would work for toaster ovens.

If I had to, I'd disassemble the toaster oven to figure it out. You should be able to disconnect or muffle a speaker, if there is one, or dampen the bell.
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