The science of being gay
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Are there any reliable resources/studies that address the issue of being gay? (MI)

I was astonished to learn that a freind of mine thought being gay was entirely nurture, and not at all nature. I disagree and want to present someting to him that is not just the opinion of family or freinds. Thanks.
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An interesting article about vowel production in homosexuals, although probably not what you're looking for.

If you're looking for an article that says homosexuality is 100% nature and 0% nurture, you're unlikely to find it. Arguments saying the opposite are commonly found in religious doctrine. Thus far, I think that the consensus is "a little of both," which is often the answer to nature/nurture debates. As far as identifying a "gay gene," I'm pretty sure it hasn't been done.
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A good resource, that manages to be pretty reasonable & presents - side by side - vastly different views on this subject is

Discussion of the 'cause' can be found here
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This study shows that lesbians have funny ears.
This study shows that gay men have funny fingers.

I found these on Google scholar. You can probably find more if you search around for anatomical differences. These 2 studies were easier for me to find because I remember when the studies came out (so to speak).
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Look up some twin studies. Also, more recently: X-inactivation and homos.
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Truman Capote.
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This is not a study, but a statement by an ex-gay ministry in England that has come to the realization, after 12 years of trying to cure the homosexuality of its paritioners (through psychotherapy and spiritual guidance,) that it just doesn't work. If your friend has been swayed by evangelical christian ideas about why people are gay, this might help your argument.
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You might try emailing the folks here. They've got an extensive library.
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