I'm looking for a website where someone is living out their dreams.
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Do you know of any websites that showcase a person who is actively documenting themselves as they live out their dreams?

For instance, do you follow anyone who has sold everything, put everything they need in a backpack and is (or has) been backpacking in Europe? I'm looking for any websites along these lines, especially ones that you really find inspirational.

I'm planning on doing something similar this fall, buying an RV, packing up my stuff and heading out to start crossing items off my bucket list. I'm looking for the best ways I can present my adventure so that I can really connect with readers. I want to inspire others to think about their lives.
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You can check this guy's blog, starting tomorrow.
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Check out Crazy guy on a bike
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This guy is pretty inspiring - started out by selling his life.
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Intel.com is sponsoring Maggie Mason's Life List -- the project launches tomorrow. Maggie is pretty much who I want to be when I grow up, and her site is incredibly inspiring.
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My aunt's blog about her and and my uncle's transoceanic voyages might fit the bill. They manage it by spending a few years working on very wealthy people's boats (a pretty awesome job in and of itself, I've always thought) and then using the accumulated resources to depart on multi-year trips, a pattern they've been following for as long as I've been alive, and in some form or another since pretty early adulthood. They have their priorities in order.
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A guy named Winter is visiting every Starbucks in the US. There's a documentary about his journey.
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Maybe not exactly what you're looking for, but how about this?
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The Professional Hobo--a girl who got rid of everything she owned and started travelling the world.
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