Images quit refreshing using iSight / iBook / EvoCam.
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An iSight / iBook / EvoCam question concerning non-refreshing images and possibly firewire power inside ...

I run a silly little webcam from my home that is set up as such: iSight connected via Firewire to a G4 iBook using EvoCam v3.4 to serve up the images. EvoCam is set up to take a picture every 20 seconds and FTP it to my remote web server. This works for a few hours, but at some point the camera stops sending new pictures, and EvoCam simply adds a new date stamp to the image it had last and continues to upload it.

I have the iBook set up to power off the screen after a while to avoid burning in a ghost image on the iBook's screen. I have turned off all other power management. Since the screen turns off after a minute without apparently affecting the uploading of images, I don't think this is the issue. The images upload correctly for up to 4 hours or so before I notice the issue creeping up.

EvoCam claims this issue is with Apple and that Apple is aware of it. While waiting for Apple to fix this, EvoCam suggests using v3.4 of their software which has a work-around that apparently refreshes the image periodically to avoid the freeze up. But this doesn't seem to be working, for me, at least.

I think my issue may be an issue with the Firewire port and/or iSight. I think it may be that at some point, the iBook stops powering the port or something.

Anyway, I am relatively new to Apple (switched in 2003) and all of the stuff above is simply thinking out-loud. I have checked a variety of sources I have found via Google, and have perused (and posted) to EvoCam's support forums. All with no luck. I'd like to get this thing working in time to humour the family with a Tree Cam this holiday season. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it.
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Maybe it's running out of scratch memory? Loading and reloading all those images in a row...

You might try writing an AppleScript (or using a timer utility) to quit EvoCam every few hours and start it again. Just to freshen things up.
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Response by poster: That's a good idea bcwinters. And while I am not an Applescript programmer I bet I could make this happen. However, I am open to a little scripting help if anyone can provide it. Thanks.
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