Where to find shiso shochu in NYC?
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Where can I find shiso shochu in the NYC metro area? A quick search of various liquor stores couldn't spot it...

I'm a huge fan of the flavor of shiso, as it's a very refreshing hit to the palate on a hot summer day. I did some research online and found that Tantakatan may be a brand name to watch out for?

Alternatively, if anybody has any experience with making shiso infused vodka/shochu, I'd be happy to hear what you did! I saw various questions from the past regarding shiso cocktails, but I guess I'm looking more for a straight infusion or similar.

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Mitsuwa Plaza in Edgewater, NJ carries liquor.
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Tantakatan is good stuff. I'd also love to know of any place online with a halfway decent shochu selection where you can order in the US .
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Chihiro, thanks! Any idea on whether they carry any shiso liquor specifically? (I'll call them tomorrow, I guess).

Any excuse to head out for ramen at Mitsuwa is welcome... :)
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I recently asked exactly the same question but about Vancouver. Tantakatan is fantastic, endlessly drinkable stuff. Anyone who finds out where to buy this stuff, anywhere in North America, please post here!
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Have you tried Sunrise Mart and Jasmart and Takashimaya?

Sake Bar Decibel most certainly has around 20 varieties of shochu to drink -- some people online have said that they've heard of people buying bottles from Decibel. Maybe they'll know of a decent supplier?
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Oops... my bad, Gortuk! Didn't think to search for the brand name because, well, I was sloppy. Suedehead and Chihiro, thanks for the leads; I've been to Sunrise (didn't realize they had a liquor section?) and Decibal Sake bar so many times (but never thought to ask about getting individual bottles... they don't seem to list Tantakatan in there). I'll have to check out Takashimaya for sure, if only to eat at the cafe, which I've heard is awesome.

Gortuk, if I figure this out, I'll post back/mefi mail you so you can get at least a bit more information!
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If you cannot find shiso shochu, I recently posted my mom's recipe (translated from her notes, selflink), for making umeshu which is essentially ume shochu. You can use a similar method for making your own shisoshu (shiso shochu) - provided you can get a hold of a quantity of fresh green or red shiso leaves (growing your own from seed is the easiest and cheapest way).
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No need to apologize jangie - looks like you got more information than I did. There's a Japanese wholesaler in Toronto who apparently can order in sake, I'm going to try them the next time I'm there. But making my own shiso shochu is appealing, now that the LCBO (Ontario's socialist liquor store) actually carries plain shochu. Now to find the leaves...
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For the benefit of anyone else who's reading this after searching for Tantakatan - there is a Japanese liquor store in London, England (near Carnaby St) where I was finally able to obtain a bottle of the delicious liquor. Just ask the clerk and she will point to it for you, it's a very pretty bottle.
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