How do I get permanent Now Playing info on iTunes for Windows?
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As far as I can tell, iTunes (Windows) can put Now Playing info onscreen, but it goes away after 10 seconds. What am I missing? Is it possible to get the Now Playing info to stay on screen? Bonus points if I can get album artwork up there too.
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I don't think ther'es a permanent option for it in iTunes.

But I'm actually looking for a small project to learn C# with... sounds like the perfect thing. Mind if I code it up?
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Mind? I encourage it. Thanks for offering.
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Awesome. I'll figure out a way to post it once i'm done :)
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Wait, I think I just found the answer at ipodlounge. See if this works, if you've got iTunes up right now (I don't have it at work)

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Got it!
Obviously I'm not getting my work done I just figured out how to turn it on and off. First put the visualizer in a mode other than full screen. Start a song. Click the visualizer button. In the upper right corner is an options button. Click that and choose the option to always show song info. Now it will stay on, even in full screen mode.

This works here at work on the pc. I haven't tried it at home yet.
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