On the whole, Preparation-H feels good.
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I get a sore butt whenever I go on vacation or a long day trip. Help me prevent this pain in the ass!

About 3-4x over the past year, I've ended up in excruciating pain on vacations/trips due to none other than a sore butt hole.

It typically occurs when I drive somewhere for 1+ hours and then walk a tad more than normal. Example: last weekend we went out of town (drove for about 2 hours) and I walked about 2x more than I normally do during any given day. By the end of the day, I was in tears wiping with those medicated butt wipes (which didn't help a whole lot).

Is this just chafing or is there something else going on down there?

Do I need to apply some sort of cream any time I anticipate an active day!?!

I'm going camping over the fourth and I'd really like to find a solution before then because EVERY camping trip over the past year has been absolute hell (butt-wise).
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Google "external hemorrhoids" and see if the symptoms listed at those links ring a bell.
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Calmoseptine is your friend. My step-father loves this product so much he gives it to people for Christmas.
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Do you have some junk in your trunk? My gut tells me that the issue is "you need to lose some weight"
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Check out this website: http://www.pilonidal.org/whatitis.htm. I have no idea if this is your problem, but I've known two people who have had this and their symptoms were similar to yours. I also know that it's exacerbated by long car trips particularly over bumpy terrain. Good luck.
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There is an awesome product you can buy at the drugstore called Balneol. IIRC it's about $20 a bottle but worth it. Should help soothe your problems.

As basic as it sounds, try using baby powder to curb any chafing.
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If it is a rash (itchy + hurty), with some inflammation, an antihistamine like Zyrtec or Claritin might help.
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This stuff is supposed to be pretty miraculous. Never tried it, but I know a bunch of folks who swear by it.
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Body Glide might help, but I'd also might try Hydrocortizone cream as a pre-emptive treatment on active days.
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Are you sitting in a position which forces the back seam of your pants up into your crack (sorry) when you're driving? If yes, perhaps a small cushion, either in the small of your back or underneath you and/or loose pants would help. Or one of those donut shaped pillows you get for new mothers to sit on to relieve the pain. Nthing all the meds listed. My DH used to have sore butt, not nearly as bad as yours, when driving until he bought a cushion, bought a different car with a seat that fit him better, and switched to baggy bummed pants and shorts with a longer leg that stay put. Sounds hellish. I sure hope you find a fix.
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