Free or cheap therapy in NYC?
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Any recommendations for free or low-cost therapy in New York City?

I'm currently seeing a psychiatrist for depression and anxiety. I've been taking meds for this for about six weeks and things seem to be improving somewhat, but the last time I saw my psychiatrist he impressed upon me that I should also be seeing a therapist. I've spoken to my insurance company, and while they're covering the psychiatrist visits and the meds, they will not cover therapy.

Do you know of any resources in NYC for people in my situation? I don't feel myself like I absolutely need to be in therapy, but I trust my psychiatrist knows better than I do so I'm willing to make it happen if possible. However, I cannot afford to pay much for this, and would prefer not to pay at all as money is quite tight at the moment. Any advice?
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St. John's University's Center for Psychological Services in Jamaica, Queens offers excellent sliding-scale therapy. Calll to set up an appointment (718-990-1900), and make sure to specify that you'd like to see someone with a cognitive behavioral therapy orientation.
posted by saladin at 12:55 PM on June 29, 2009 has a search function that allows you to select the therapist's minimum fee range, as well as specialties, location, and other criteria.

If you'd like a personal recommendation you can MeMail me and I'll give you the name of the woman I saw. Her office was on the UWS at the time (not sure if it still is) and she specialized in depression & had a very reasonable fee. (I think it was around $50 - though it may have risen since)
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Center for Educational and Psychological Services at Columbia for therapy. Sliding scale (if you have no income, you pay nothing) and they're excellent.
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The Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy has an excellent reputation (with full-sliding scale).
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You might check out the Lutheran Counseling Center of New York.
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