Fourth of July Fireworks in Thurmont, MD?
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Fourth of July fireworks displays near Thurmont, MD?

Mr. Pterodactyl and I will be going camping at Cunningham Falls State Park over the Fourth of July weekend and if possible we'd like to see fireworks without going too far; I would be very grateful if anyone could let me know of any that would be nearby. Ideally we'd like to be able to walk to them but driving is fine too if necessary. We'll be there the whole weekend so the display wouldn't have to be on the Fourth of July proper. Thanks so much for your help!
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What do you mean by fireworks?
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My folks live in Thurmont, I will ask them if there are any local ones and get back to you.

Besides Gettysburg, there's also Antietam's events (scroll down to "Maryland") which includes a performance by the Maryland Symphony (as well as actual fireworks). If you've never heard the 1812 overture performed with REAL CANNONS you need to go to this.

There's also Frederick's celebration in Baker Park.

Woo, Maryland!! My home state!
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My mom said she didn't know of any fireworks displays in Thurmont, but that Emmitsburg or Frederick had some. Although I can't find anything about Emmitsburg's celebration online.

So I suggest Antietam. It does get a lot of traffic, so be prepared. Enjoy your 4th!
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