Not White Socks
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I want to buy some preppy-funky patterned socks for men. Not argyle or stripes, but socks with a scatter of little random things airplanes or flamingos. These patterned socks in crazy colors like pink and lime green are ok too. What brands can I look into other than JCrew?

Are there any other similar styled brands in Europe or the UK I can look into? I imagine this is can be found in more of those regions as they are more creative-preppy with mens fashion, if you can call socks fashion.

I've found this website which is great,, but I'm ideally looking for higher 'brand' name socks if possible.

These are as a gift for my father, as he has really generic socks and want to give him something useful but different.
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joyofsocks is my preferred shopping center for all things funkysockish, so I'll be tracking this thread with great interest. I loves me some wild socks.
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Brooks Brothers
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Pantherella and Ralh Lauren.
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If you ever make it down to NYC, Uniqlo sells amazing socks in wonderful and bizarre colors and patterns for very good prices. I'm also partial to these socks from Muji.
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I am a sucker for everything at H&M, but especially their crazy neon colored socks.
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Thomas Pink
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K.J. Beckett has great high-end socks.

Poshtogs has some really wacky Ted Baker and Pantherella socks.

Sock Lady has wacky handmade socks.
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My husband's into fun socks. I just bought him a couple of pairs of Socksmith socks.
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Uncrate recently had these argyle and skull/crossbones socks. I came very close to buying them.
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Ashi Dashi! The little whales are probably the most preppy, but these cigarette socks are hilarious.

I know they're probably not a brand name you've heard of, but Happy Socks are incredibly high end in terms of manufacturing. They're very, very, very good quality socks. They make your shoes more comfortable and I can't imagine my toes popping through the thinly worn ends like they do with all my cheap socks. They don't do the scatter patterns, unfortunately, but their patterns are incredibly bright and quirky.

I bought my boyfriend Happy Socks and I get happy whenever I see him wear them. I love my own pairs. A++, would buy again.
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Is there a Target equivalent (i.e. high-end big box) in your neck of the woods? Target is sock central, they have racks and racks of stuff that sounds like exactly what you're looking for, in grown-up sizes.
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Gallo Socks, made in Italy.

You can find information on where to find them here.
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