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Seeking cute apparel/prints for online purchase, in the vein of boygirlparty and Nut and Bee :)

Hiya! I'm looking for some cute shirts, or possibly even prints/stationery. I couldn't resist the octotee from boygirlparty, and there are some prints that make me squee inside. I also have Moo cards featuring art from Nut and Bee, and I am looking very forward for their shirts in the coming months. (Squee Exhibit A, B, and C.)

Can you recommend any other sites with similarly cute artwork/clothes for sale? The common theme I am seeing so far is happy smiley animals. Especially octopuses. This isn't a requirement, but it seems to work! Thanks! :>

Disclaimer: I am a hetero male and can only pull off so much cuteness. (i.e. I'm not exactly looking for Hello Kitty-type stuff.) Also, if you recommend Threadless for t-shirts I will politely decline and then proceed to give you the evil eye. ;)
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animal sleep stories. i have the sea otter plotter print and LOVE IT. also: the girl who does them is super nice.
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Best answer: spicy brown! my favorites are tofu robot and sushi neko (sushi rolls with cat faces--weird, yes, but also very cute). Looks like they don't have any sushi neko in men's sizes right now, actually, but inventory changes frequently.
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Best answer: squidfire
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Full disclosure - I am financially involved with this company - but we sell inexpensive shirts that sound like what you might be looking for. The link goes to Natalie Dee shirts since those seem more up your alley than the other brands. (Use coupon code HOTSUMMER if you check out - saves you $3.)

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Susie* (BoyGirlParty)'s stuff is adorable. I bet you could find more stuff like that if you went to Etsy.* And Susie's very approachable, so if you emailed her & asked for other designers like her, I'm sure she'd respond.

Social Designer*, which doesn't really have many squee worthy shirts, but they do have a number of cute designs and run design competitions, with voting, so you can submit and/or help choose the next winner. 20% of profits from sales go to good causes. Use promo code "metafilter" for 5% off any purchase.

Shinzi Katoh* has some adorable designs, but I don't think he's put them on tees yet... (maybe I should talk to him about that...)

* full disclosure: I somehow know or am involved with (financially or otherwise) anything in this post with an asterisk after it.

I'm always interested in new tee designs or designers. Feel free to message me if you are a tee designer looking for a new venue to sell your wares.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! I marked as best answer for the couple that I bought from

Soy Friendly (Spicy Brown)
Sloth (SquidFire)

Also found this cute shirt from shirt.woot: Quick Brown Fox (though the rest of the site isn't that great, and due to the nature of that site this shirt won't be there long).
Etsy is also a good suggestion; searching by keyword yields some nice shirts.

Cheers :)
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