In search of cultural grammarians!
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What are some interesting blogs that touch on both the language and culture of a country?

Hello! I'm looking for blogs that combine both cultural studies and linguistic insights. The two examples I have in mind are Sinosplice and No-sword.

What I like about these blogs is that they aren't purely linguablogs or travel blogs. When they bring up a cultural idea, they tend to apply linguistic analysis to it. This has the benefit of both helping language studies and giving the language's mother-culture a chance to shine.

I'd love to check out other blogs of this sort, especially some based in Europe. If you could hook me up with a German language-cum-travel blog in particular, I'd be stoked. It's best if the blogs are in English. If you have any picks in either Japanese or German, I could probably wing it enough to enjoy reading.

(I prefer reading blogs written in a casual tone, though more "academic" blogs are welcome as well!)
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Best answer: I like the Polish Blog about Poland and Polish. It contains pretty much the only explanations of Polish grammar I can understand. And recipes for sernik. Mmmmm, sernik.
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Best answer: I don't know if this is quite what you're looking for, but this blog about Canadian French is pretty interesting.
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Polandian also does Poland.
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Best answer: Separated By A Common Language is about the language gap between the US and UK. It might not be as foreign-languagey as you like, but is more interested in colloquials and cultural language than the Queen's English, so to speak.
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Best answer: Effective Swearing in D.F.
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I like Dutch word of the day. Their Dutch phrase of the week feature discusses culture a bit more than the daily blog does.
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Response by poster: Thank you, everyone! I enjoyed looking through all the blogs. Pretty much everyone was on-target; I marked the answers that I found most entertaining/enlightening as best.
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