What song did I hear on Ellen's Bigger Longer Wider show?
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Help me ID this song that played during Ellen DeGeneres' Bigger Longer Wider show on TBS.

On TBS tonight they ran the show. During the show there's a guy who comes out and balances on a bunch of cans. What song is playing during this act? I tried my cell phone's song ID but it "wasn't available" and Midomi isn't getting it from my humming. The only lyrics I could pick out seem to say "all right, all right, I, I bring you fire" but searching those lyrics doesn't bring up the right song, so they're probably wrong. I think it's a fairly popular song as I've heard it several times before.
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Let It Rock by Kevin Rudolf?
posted by kro at 12:38 AM on June 28, 2009

Fire by Arthur Brown?
posted by orme at 10:57 AM on June 28, 2009

It's Let It Rock. Thanks kro!!
posted by IndigoRain at 12:47 PM on June 28, 2009

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