Upcoming nonfiction review sites?
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Is there a place like fantasticfiction for nonfiction books?

I like fantasticfiction as I can check out what is upcoming in books (so I can put them on my reserve list at the library and add to my to-read list on goodreads) and would love it if such a thing existed for non-fiction.

I always find it hit and miss at trying to find nonfiction that grabs me and having a site that lists upcoming ones and gives "similar recommendations" would be uber helpful.

If that's impossible, any recommendations on where I can find good reviews of nonfiction? I've checked out the nonfiction group on LibraryThing and it seems to be just ppl listing off the books read but w/ no reviews.
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Best answer: Try Bookmarks magazine, either online or get an oldschool hard copy subscription, for a bimonthly summary of reviews from a variety of sources for nonfiction (and fiction) books.
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You might ask your local library if they subscribe to the Kirkus Reviews, and if they do, if they might let you take a look at it every so often.

You might also look around on Google for non-fiction book blogs, or keep an eye out on LibraryThing's Early Reviewer program. I add the interesting-looking ER books to my library and tag them so that I remember to go back and check them out once the reviews start coming in.
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