Remember that toy that I can't describe very well?
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Remember When: I'm looking for a toy or name of the toy that I remember loving when I was younger - perhaps 25 years ago. First, it was a relatively inexpensive item along the lines of etch-a-sketch. Except it wasn't etch-a-sketch.

It had a dark undercoating and a type of cellophane paper on top. You had this special "stylus" that you used as a pen to draw pictures on the top cellophane layer. When you were done, you would just lift the cellophane top layer and the picture would "erase."

Does any one remember these? Do you know what they are called or where I can get one these days?
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Best answer: Do you mean a Magic Slate? This is the first one that came up when I Googled it.
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sketch & doodle?
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Here is another source.
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Best answer: I could swear those are still available in the toy section of grocery and drug stores. But maybe I'm just living in the halcyon past.
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Response by poster: Magic Slate it is! Thanks a ton!
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Response by poster: Yeah, it looks like they still exist (although I never see them around).
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Try stores that sell party favors.
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I've also seem them at cracker barrel, for what it is worth.
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Again at random, Ask-MeFi has answered a question I've had for ages.... I've been looking for these things for ages with no clue what they were called. I haven't seen one in many ages...
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The darker layer was wax. The new ones have flourescent pink vinyl over a white shiny surface, usually- I haven't seena black & grey wax one for years. So nostalgic!
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