Kerala in the monsoon
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Recommendations please for Kochi (Cochin, Kerala) and around, next week?

I'm hoping to keep the cost low-to-moderate, as we can't afford pricy places, so specific suggestions for places to stay and things to do would be great. (Not general suggestions, though -- there's such a mass of ideas that I'm looking for personal recommendations. Thanks!)
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I've stayed in Maple Residency in Ernakulum a few times. It's quite typical of what you'll get in Kerala: cold shower, hard beds etc. Double room was something like 350 rupees. There's some great cheap veg restaurants next door. At this time of year you should be able to negotiate a cheaper price on the room. But Ernakulum is very much like any other Indian city - it can be hectic, polluted, smelly, and not really an ideal holiday destination. There are some gorgeous bars in the posher hotels though, and they're open to non-residents.

I've stayed at a few different places on Fort Cochin too but I can't remember their names, unfortunately. If I was you I would get yourselves to Fort Cochin, jump in a rickshaw and just tell the driver what you're looking for and how much you want to pay. Normally they're happy to take you from place to place till you're satisfied, maybe just pay a little bit extra on the fare. There's a fair amount to do for a few days in Fort Cochin: antique shops, bookshops, teashops, historical buildings etc.

Cherai Beach is nice but probably not at this time of year with the monsoon weather washing all the backwater weeds onto the beach.

Sorry to be less specific than you asked. To be honest I've never felt the need to plan it in advanced as there are so many options and I just prefer to have a look at a place and decide there and then if I like it.

Oh, also, you might have more luck trying the forums - they're very helpful.
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Have you done the Kerala Backwaters by boat? That's a pleasant way to spend a few hours. Can't remember much else of Cochin, I'm afraid.
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Have you done the Kerala Backwaters by boat?

That's a good time. I stayed overnight on one and it wasn't too expensive. Ours even included dinner, cooked on the boat. It was cool--the boat stopped at this tiny market and we bought whatever fish/prawns/etc. we wanted. Google "kerala houseboat."
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Very interesting place, with some low key antique shops around is the Cochin Synagogue. I read in a US newspaper that the last of the Jewish families left for Israel a few years ago but that the Synagogue would remain open for visitors. Just ask around, people will know.

Bolghatty Island is also very interesting and memorable: peacocks, beautiful plants, colonial building, ferry ride with great view.
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