Precocious Children in Plays
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I'm looking for plays about precocious children.

I need a monologue for an audition--the role is a very smart, very pressured, comical 12 year old. I thought the hive mind might have some ideas...I'm looking for something energetic, maybe something with that sense of being burdened that a lot of very precocious kids seem to have. Preferably female. Thoughts?
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When I was a kid, I tried out for this play:
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huh...that was supposed to be linked: Arcadia
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12-year-old super-pressured smart girl? Logainne Schwartzandgrubenierre to the rescue!
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Although, if you want 'precocious' in a bad way, there's always Rhoda Penmark.
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Response by poster: heheheh...Asparagirl, you've found me out. :P Guess who i'm auditioning for...? Which makes sugarfish's suggestion rather on the nose!
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Paul Zindel's "The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds" is about a precocious girl who's obsessed with winning the school science fair, and the obstacles put in her way by her crazy mother. The humor is dark, but it's there...
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Pippi Longstocking! Kind of gives it away when the character profile for the play lists her as "a red-haired, magically strong, self-reliant, inventive and irreverent girl."
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Nick in A Thousand Clowns?
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Might be a bit light for what you're looking for but Daisy Meredith in'Daisy Pulls it off' is the quintessential plucky, spirited British school girl and has lots of fun monologues. It's a spoof of Girl's Own adventures, but you could interpret her speeches with precocious pathos.
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Really Rosie
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Response by poster: Awesome awesome awesome. Going to the library right now to pick these up. Thanks you clever folk!
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If you haven't found what you need yet, you might try:

What I Did Last Summer by A.R. Gurney
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Oh my god, you must read I, Claudia by Kristen Thomson. It's about a 12 year old kid's reaction to her parents' divorce and father's remarriage. It's the best portrayal of an adolescent I've ever read.
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Response by poster: Great stuff in here, guys. I ended up using Eleemosynary--I expected that loads of people would've used pieces from it, given that it's partially about a girl competing in spelling bees, and the show I auditioned for was about...spelling bees. But apparently I was the only one they'd seen so far. And the audition went well, given that I came down with a touch of laryngitis the day before.
I will definitely be checking out all the other suggestions as well! Thanks! Gotta love plays!
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