What food or drink should I bring to a dumpling party?
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What food or drink should I bring to a dumpling party?

I'm looking for something that's not filling for the dumplings and not what everyone else will bring. Asian themed would be good.
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Korean theme: Hite beer and kimchee. I especially love (daikon) radish kimchee.
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I'd go with a spicy Asian slaw. Take a look here, here, and here for ideas.

Gewurztraminer, a German wine varietal, (either dry or off dry) is surprisingly really excellent with Asian food, particularly if some of the food is spicy, so that's worth thinking about as an alternative to sake.
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A local Chinese restaurant serves a pickled broccoli salad on the plate with dumplings. It's light and refreshing! I think it's something like this.

As far as drinks -- tea? Either iced or hot.
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Mochi (the reaql stuff, not the ice cream), or put a really creative twist on it and make moffles, bring some additional fillings like red bean, etc.

Or bring some plum wine
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It's summer. You could bring dessert.
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Chrysanthemum or White tea.
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Kimbap is another Korean snack you could bring. It's light and not very filling. You could easily make your own or find it in an Asian supermarket.
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I'd go for a nice seaweed salad.
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Dumplings require roasted chili paste (nam prik pao) and soy sauce, both almost always available at Asian groceries. The chili paste is usually preserved in oil.

Like "wasabi and soy" for sushi, you mix a daub of roasted chili paste in some light soy sauce, mix with chop sticks, and then use as dunking dumpling sauce (say that 10 times fast!).

Tasty beyond compare!
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All good, interesting suggestions. Thanks everyone. I ended up bringing dessert and wine.
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