Help me find this book on low-tech inventions?
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Looking for the author name and title of a book my high school teacher stole from me in 1981. The subject matter was lots of low-tech inventions and designs with instructions, with the idea that they'd help underdeveloped communities. One I remember was a radio receiver made out of cow dung, a tin and some wire. I also remember thinking at the time that the author's name was like that of Boris Pasternak but it wasn't him. My google-fu is failing me. Can you help?
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Best answer: Don't know which book specifically but the author is probably Victor Papanek. Amazon link to his books.
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I hope someone finds it. That sounds amazingly interesting.
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Best answer: Yes, following iconomy's lead, it looks like it's Papanek's Design for the Real World. There's a review and a picture of the radio here.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much!
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