Plus size bride in a panic!
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Please help me find a red dress for my wedding day! I am looking for any online stores that sell ethnic or peasant-style clothes in plus sizes and I am running out of time.

I am DESPERATE at this point. I had originally selected a lovely red embroidered ensemble at for my Norse themed wedding this August. By the time I was ready to order it, it was gone. Crap. So, after a great deal of shopping, I found another outfit on the same site that I actually liked better. Problem solved, right? NO. I had to wait until I got paid today to buy it, and now THIS outfit is gone! I am devastated at this point. The wedding is in 5 weeks and I am running out of options.

I am looking for a red dress or blouse and skirt, full length in a peasant-y or ethnic style. This was the blouse I had in mind, but they are out of my size now. Anyone know of any similar stores?
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Do you have time for custom work? I know eshakti will do custom jobs, but their turn around time is unpredictable. You could also try Etsy.

I'd also consider joining the Fatshionista community on Live Journal and asking there. There are an excellent hive mind for plus size fashion resources.
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You could get one made by posting your description at Etsy's alchemy section - then you get exactly what you want, fitted to you.
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For not a whole lot more money, you can have an outfit custom made. I'd ask friends in your area for tailor recommendations, and then consult with a professional.
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Check out Holy Clothing. I've had good experiences with them, and the sizing runs true. And seconding posting your question at Fatshionista.
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Try Kaneesha - i found this red tunic, although a little more expensive , and not sure what your size is.

Or try Novica - they have some lovely items, and you can often work with the artisan on size
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Would red embroidery on a white blouse work? If so, there are some Romanian blouses here or here that might work, thought they're a bit more expensive than the one you selected. (Which is lovely by the way).

Have you tried contacting eShakti directly? If you explain your situation, they might be able to put in a rush order or get you in touch with the manufacturer so you can get the one that you want.
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Coincidentally, I just received an email from Holy Clothing. They are doing free Fed Ex priority shipping for the next two days on orders over $99. So if you see something you like, you could get it fast and free!
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Do they have any sizes larger than what you want in stock? It would be pretty easy for a good tailor to take something in.
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There has GOT to be a part of town with Indian shopping in a city the size of Seattle. In my experience here in Atlanta, they carry larger sizes, just because Indian ladies, like everyone else, come in all sizes. Try this list?

Also, eShakti for little items - purses, scarves - very reliable. The one time I tried to order clothes, I was hosed up and had to shop locally. They just never delivered the items, apparently due to "political unrest in New Delhi."
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nthing Holy Clothing. Nice fabrics, well sewn garments, and they give garment measurements as well as body measurements. They may not have *bright* red in every style and size, but you should be able to find something that will work. I've found that their 'tea length' skirts and dresses hit me just above the ankle (I'm 5'6"), but that's a minor detail.
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I just bought a GORGEOUS plus-sized corset/dress thingummy from Van Lancelot on eBay, amazing quality and ridiculously cheap for the quality. They sell lots of medievalish/LotR-ish dresses too, which sound like what you might be going for, and I had it in about two weeks. Canadian, American.
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Response by poster: OMG!! YOU GUYS ARE HEROES!!!!

I had totally forgotten about Holy Clothing! I think I have found a suitable substitute on there. Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!
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Oops, I see someone got hosed by them. I know people who had luck.
posted by oflinkey at 8:35 PM on June 26, 2009 has peasant-y dresses in plus sizes. They have hundreds of styles though, and you kind of have to sift through.
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